ECHO: a play in progress

August Corps launched its first production in the cavern spaces at Jones Farm this August for an invited audience, following our two week intensive as an ensemble. The show continues to grow and develop in our residency with SITI Lab this fall.



Inspired by the tale from Ovid’s Metamorphosis about a nymph who is transformed by her love for Narcissus into “a voice amongst stones”.

This adaptation exposes the myth’s themes of intimacy and violence, sacrificial love, and loss of identity. Echo is a storyteller searching for her voice to create original stories of her own. She falls in love with Narcissus, a hunter on his own quest. Echo agrees to stay with him until his hunt is a success and to write a song of his heroic feat for the world to know his glory.  Day by day Narcissus fails in his hunt as Echo gathers new stories in the wood. Finally unable to face another day of failure, Narcissus remains at the camp, no longer going out on the hunt. He discovers a boy in the waters of a pool nearby and seeks companionship with him, unaware that it is his own image reflected. As his longing for the boy grows, his love for Echo twists into disdain. Echo remains with Narcissus, caring for him, unwilling to leave him to die alone at the pool. The transformation begins to take over. Echo is only able to speak the last words spoken to her as her bones harden to stone and she eventually dissolves away. Can Echo transform again?